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Relationship Counseling

Most relationships are able to grow within the space that is held for couples counseling, where open sharing is facilitated in such a way that each one feels heard. Having a place where you can express your needs and wants in a healthy and yet direct manner is essential. And learning better ways to communicate, to work toward agreements, and to resolve old injuries and transgressions are possibilities in this space. 

What To Expect

I work with a variety of resources and interventions with couples, some of these include: Non-Violent Communication (NVC), attachment style assessments, identifying love languages, the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse (Gottman), self healing oriented journaling, development of compassion, care and empathy, realistic forgiveness, re-developing trust and commitment, and learning how to make and keep agreements. 

Payment and Insurance

Some insurance companies will cover the therapeutic service of relationship counseling. However, some do not. Please check with your insurance company. 

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