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When burdens of the past and worries of the future no longer pull you out of the present moment, and this present moment provides gladness and gratitude, then you are on the path to wellbeing. 

Therapy as a Journey

We are all heroes and heroines of our own stories. If the stories we tell ourselves evoke feelings, beliefs, or impulses that are negative or harmful then there is work to be done. This work may include re-storying traumas, grief, or grievances. Depth Psychologist, Carl Jung, coined the phrases, dark night of the soul and the night sea journey as a way to depict the most harrowing part of our journeys - when we find ourselves in the depths of self-doubt, alone and despairing.


If you feel stuck, or, if you just want to be the best version of yourself, therapy can help. Pain and loss can be transformed into empowerment, also known as post-traumatic growth. When we frame our journeys in the context of mind-body-spirit healing, while developing self-compassion and some understanding of the individuation process, then what can follow is a lasting feeling of wellbeing. 

Jerem Ernst, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor in Oregon with nearly 20 years of experience 

Hello, and welcome to my site. I am a psychotherapist living and working in Salem, Oregon. As a relational therapist, I believe that deepening compassionate relationship to Self, to others, to community, and to the natural world, helps to restore the connection and healing that we all long for. I combine clinically-informed best practices with a holistic, and at times spiritual approach in order to facilitate a deeper healing process for my clients. I would be honored to join you on your journey to wellbeing. 

I am grounded in several traditional talk therapy approaches including mindfulness-based, cognitive-based, narrative-based, substance use harm reduction, Jungian archetype and dream work, and some Internal Family Systems. I also welcome, honor and explore much older, more traditional modes of healing and growth through movement, music, art, journaling, activism, embodiment and plant medicine experiences which can have profound therapeutic benefits when integrated. 


“When you realize that you’re not the insecure selfish parts that you’ve identified with for so long, but instead that you’re this Self that’s curious, calm, confident, compassionate, creative, clear, courageous, joyful, generous, and playful—and that your essence is connected to some kind of larger universal principle—you feel happy.” 

 Dr. Richard Schwartz

Individual Therapy

Whether you are seeking individual therapy with specific needs and goals in mind, or your loved ones are encouraging you, I commend you. Therapy isn't easy, but it is deeply rewarding. To discover the reasons behind your behavior, to develop deep insight, to work through and move on; therapy is also a place where you can learn and practice a variety of skills and healthy habits.

Psychedelic Integration

Sometimes psychedelic experiences can be difficult and confusing. Other times the experience may be mystical and life altering. With psilocybin assisted therapy now legal in Oregon, psychedelic integration work is essential to help journeyers better understand what was revealed and potentially healed. I have personally experienced the healing of trauma in this space. 

Relationship Counseling

Most relationships are able to grow within the space that is held for couples counseling. Where open sharing is facilitated in such a way that each is heard. Having a place where you can express your needs and wants in a healthy and yet direct manner is essential. And learning better ways to communicate, to work toward agreements, and to resolve old wounds are possibilities in this space. 

Clinical Supervision

If you are an LPC intern in need of clinical supervision, I may be available to help you. As my bio indicates, I have nearly 20 years of working in the field within a variety of settings with kids, adults, couples, and those involved with the criminal justice system. I am open to working with ethically-minded, compassionate interns. Feel free to contact me for a consultation. 

It is important that you feel there is a comfortable rapport with your therapist. I would like to offer you a free 20-minute consultation during which time I will answer any questions you might have. 

The Oregon Building

494 State Street, Suite 320

Salem, Oregon 97301

(513) 444-8779

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